"Versatile Solutions Group has made a big difference here at our agency. While our work is focused on helping the families in our neighborhood, we are electronically linked to the region and the world. Having a well-maintained and properly functioning IT system is essential to being a successful non-profit organization. VSG provides the quality and proactive support that keep our IT system running smoothly so that our focus can be maintained on our work in the community."

Jaime Alvarado

Former Executive Director

Somos Mayfair, Inc.

Last updated 2014.07.21


Versatile Solutions Group is an Information Technology and computer service provider for Non-Profit organizations, dental offices and small businesses in the Bay Area from San Jose to San Francisco and the East Bay.

We specialize in servicing and installing servers, workstations and networks; designing database programs and websites. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible, with flexibility and customer focus. We are known for our quick response time, quick resolution and no-obligation maintenance services.



VSG designed and ran network and data capture for a Fund Raiser event for Tim Griffith Memorial Foundation.


VSG designed and ran network and data capture for a Fund Raiser event for Morgan Autism Center

VSG opens repair depot in Palo Alto.

VSG completes 2600 Macintosh Jaguar to Panther OS upgrades for Genentech.


Cerberus helpdesk is certified and deployed for Versatile Solutions Group customer use.

Last updated 2014.07.21

Versatile Solutions Group P.O. Box 2913 Cupertino CA 95015

phone: 408.390.0722